Sunday, July 10th

Today was not one of the warmest ones we have had at camp so far! We awoke to a chilly morning with a tasty breakfast of corn bread with butter and jelly for a spread and cereal. 

As we had track meet yesterday, our normal schedule of classes took place. With the brisk air, the boys were let out ten minutes early from swimming classes to allow for time to change out of wet bathing suits. Due to some slick conditions from the rainy night we had, sports class was held in the upper lodge although in the afternoon they were able to head up and play some games. Boaters went out as usual and today our sailors worked on capsizing their boats due to a lack in wind gusts! In arts and crafts, our crafters started many new projects and some even started new baskets with Carol! 

Lunch was what we typically would have had on track meet - ham and butter noodles with green beans and a squash and zucchini mix! The boys chowed down on everything in their sights including the peaches that were for dessert! 

Rest hour went well and because of the chilly air, some fun time activities were offered so as to not have too many cold boys in the water. Drew took boys up to the A-field for a fun game of Nonstop Cricket, while others went with Curt and Rory, two counsellors, to learn new songs on the ukulele. Many other counsellors also took some lucky boys out on our rowboats for some fun fishing! We had some brave souls to go in for general swim and even said that the water was pretty warm!

There were quite a few activities that were offered during activity period. Six  boys went out on paddle boards despite the dark skies. Two lucky boys went out on a sunfish to enjoy some strong gusts that thankfully came on later in the day! Nuke 'Em and soccer were filled with happy boys and staff members alike because the field was finally dry! 

Meatball subs, baby carrots, and applesauce were quite a filling dinner along with a nice side of chips. As traditions serves, our dessert consisted of green and white cake to represent our two teams for track meet! 

With some rain coming down currently, our evening program may end up being inside to keep everyone safe from injury up on the A-field! "Minute to win it" will be our indoor game. This game consists of many different tasks to be completed in one minute or less. The campers love this game and the staff always comes up with fun and creative games that allow everyone to have fun!

Hoping that everything warms up and the sky brightens up for tomorrow!

~Taylor and Allissa