Monday, July 11th

What a beautiful day we had today! Everyone awoke to a bit of a chill in the air but a delicious breakfast of waffles! As tradition goes, we had peanut butter and syrup. It sounds gross but of course, all the boys tried it and of course, they all loved it! 

All classes were held as usual. Swimmers had a lovely time in the water and many classes began their harder strokes. Arts and crafts was fun as always due to the amazing ideas Deb has for the boys. Sports class was played up on the field for what seemed like the first time in ages! Everyone was quite happy to be up there running around since was not too hot. The boaters had a very nice day since the lake was calm and the wind seemed to pick up for the sailors to work on soloing! 

Lunch was a delicious meal of Texas Hash with applesauce and bread on the side! The boys could not get enough of it! Rest hour seems to fly by for everyone due to the exciting events we were offering for the campers to choose from instead of going in for general swim. 12 lucky boys went with Deb to tie dye bandanas! They were all so excited to look just like Drew! Many of the campers decided to to go fishing and some even braved the chilly air to go in for a nice swim. The others all went up to the field to play a fun game up on the A-field.

The special thing about today was that we had a visitor for our 4th period class! We had a reptile enthusiast come and talk tour all about reptiles and amphibians today! We all were able to see live animals and even pet them! Many of the boys braved their fears of snakes to pet them and even had a nice time. We all learned so many interesting facts about these animals that can be very useful for us to know later in life!

Not too many people jumped off the tower even though that was an activity today. Many of the counsellors though took part in that activity! They played with the campers during a fun soccer game and a basketball game - both of which took place on the A-field. We even had a GaGa Tournament held today! The boys made teams of four and competed in a bracket!

Dinner was pulled pork, applesauce, and baby carrots and of course, everyone devoured the meat! There was none left by the end of the meal and they all loved it! We had yummy gingerbread for dessert which is something new for us all! 

Tonights evening program was a really fun one! We played a rousing game of "cops and robbers"! This is many of the counsellors favorite game. The campers are split into two teams and have to match a ticket of one of three colors with the other team. The counsellors however, are the cops and tag the campers. Once they tag the campers, they have to guess what color the camper has! Everyone will be sweaty so a quick dip will be necessary. 

We expect beautiful days from here on out and lots of excitement from the boys!