Tuesday, July 12th

It is hard to believe that the boys only have three full days left here at Asto Wamah! Everyone is still upbeat and making the most of the experiences offered here at Columbia Lake. In order to give them lots of energy for the day, our wonderful cook served us english muffins with cereal for breakfast! Many campers dashed to the dessert table as oatmeal was offered as an option as well.

Finally, a full day of sunshine! Everyone was eager to get into the water this morning for classes. With only a few classes left, swimmers worked extra hard today to perfect every stroke. Boaters soaked up the warm sun and many classes went on adventures to Hungerford Cove and Frog Island. Rowing to those two locations are special occasions as they are outside our camp boundaries. However, there wasn't a lot of wind today so many teachers got permission to make the trip! Pillows are very popular in arts and crafts, some campers may even be surprising their parents with a few homemade gifts! Sports classes took advantage of the dry A-field and were playing games all morning!

Today at lunch we had a new meal at camp! Campers were very lucky to have homemade mac and cheese alongside fish sticks and green beans. With their stomachs full, campers returned to their cabins for a peaceful rest hour. Re-energized after their rest, everyone went in for general swim. The water was beautiful today and many campers were impressed that they could see the bottom of the lake from the top of the tower!

Counselors had quite an array of games set up for the campers for activity period! Campers were seen leaping off the tower, taking a ride on the Hunter or sunfish, rowing around Columbia Lake, playing soccer or basketball on the A-field, and even fishing from rowboats. Although there were no fish caught today, many campers had a lot of nibbles!

Dinner couldn't come quickly enough for the hungry campers! We all enjoyed chicken fajitas with chips and applesauce as sides. Tonight for dessert we had one of camp's favorite: apple crisp! Although many campers were full from the fajitas, many begged for seconds of dessert! 

Tonight we have a special evening program! Our amazing LT's (counselors in training) are putting on a carnival for all of us tonight. They are up on the A-field now setting up games for everyone (including a station that gives an extra dessert of ice pops!). They have been secretive about the theme of the carnival but many campers have been speculating that it will be Olympics themed! Everyone is very excited to see what they have in store for us this evening. 

As the session is beginning to wind down campers are more enthusiastic than ever. Many first year campers have expressed a lot of interest in coming back for years to come! It is so admirable of them to try out a sleep away camp, it is not an easy thing! However, everyone has adapted so well and added their own special touch to camp. We are so thankful here at Asto Wamah!