Last day of the CoEd session

How is the last day over already? It seems like just yesterday everyone was nervously moving into their cabin. Now just 5 short days later memories have been made that will last a lifetime. It has been a lot of fun to watch each camper get comfortable with the camp schedule and really put themselves out there to get the best camp experience!

For breakfast today we enjoyed chocolate chip bread and cereal. As I'm sure you can imagine the chocolate chip bread runs out very quickly! Morning classes were a little more hectic today as campers worked until the last minute to impress their teachers. If teachers felt comfortable with their campers' performance, they were passed into the next skill level! It's always tricky to pass swimming and boating classes in just 5 days, especially when you throw a rainy day in the mix. Even so, many campers were thrilled to find out they were moving to the next level! Arts and crafts focused on finishing projects. If a camper was totally done they enjoyed an exciting day of nature as an alternative. Today in Nature, Kevin taught everyone how to safely build a fire. He even tested their brain power with some tricky riddles! Sports class played another round of handball to finish the session!

The kitchen offered Shepard's Pie for lunch today with a side of salad. Many first year campers were pleasantly surprised to find that Shepard's Pie was their favorite camp meal! Lunch was followed with a dessert of ice pops! Today a few lucky cabins were able to skip rest hour and complete challenges on our ropes course instead! It was a special treat to reward the awesome behavior we saw this session! 

We had around 20 campers checked in for general swim today, while other campers participated in a high energy game of Non-stop Cricket. Deb, the Arts and Crafts director, allowed some campers to finish their crafts. Activity period offered jumping off the tower, which was especially exciting for campers who passed into level 4 swimming. They were allowed off the tower for the very first time! Other activities included soccer, a ride on the Hunter (our largest sailboat) and an intense Gaga pit tournament. 

In the down time before dinner campers were encouraged to start packing up their belongings, especially because a thunderstorm came rolling through! All clothes, wet or dry, have been stored in everyone's laundry bags - enjoy washing that tomorrow! 

Dinner was make-your-own chicken fajitas, with a side of carrots and chips. It's still a little stormy, so tonight before campfire we are playing a game involving some trivia about our staff! After that we will enjoy a campfire where we will recognize those who have passed their classes. We will also be learning some more camp songs and enjoying our messiest dessert - S'mores! 

Campers will surely sleep well tonight, especially those who skipped rest hour earlier today! They will be well rested and excited to see their family again. Pick up starts at 8:30 tomorrow morning! 

It really has been a great session. As staff we have loved getting to know each camper and giving them an experience they will remember forever! Thanks for sharing your family with ours!

~Taylor and Shannon