Track & Field Day

Today we woke up to a breakfast of cinnamon bread with cereal! After cabin cleanup, we began our day differently than normal. Instead of having morning classes, we began the events of our annual Track and Field Day!!

The first part of the morning consisted of four events: the running long jump, standing long jump, softball throw, and 50-yard dash! Everybody got a chance to show off their strengths as the white team and green team competed for points.

After these events, we had a general swim to cool down, followed by a lunch of the traditional ham and noodles for track and field day! After a much needed rest hour, we had our optional marathon (that in reality is merely a half mile long, from the A-field down part of the camp road).

Then, the Indian War Relay took place involving everyone all throughout camp! The green team and the white team competed in passing a baton via runners down the camp road, onto the dock to swimmers, then picked up by boaters on the rafts. The boaters then row out to canoers, who deliver it to runners back on land in Hungerford Cove and run it back to the waterfront for the last final stretch of the relay by our senior swimmers! It's an exciting event for all to watch and participate in.

Swim races by area took place after the relay, then we had an activity period for sailors to take advantage of this windy day! Soon after was a supper of shaved steak sandwiches with peppers, with traditional green and white cake for dessert!

For evening program we had a series of relay events involving green and white in head-to-head races, including running a 220 and a 440. Today was an exciting day for all, and everyone is surely to sleep well tonight after a day packed full of activities!

-Shannon and Sloane