August 5th, 2017

Good evening Asto  Wamah Readers! We had a great day here at camp despite some rainy and cloudy weather this morning. Following breakfast of cornbread and a variety of cereals, girls went back to their cabins to switch up their bunking assignments. Campers who wanted to give a top bunk a try were given the opportunity at this halfway point. 

Due to the rain, swimming and sports were held inside. Swimmers played a new version of camp Jeopardy featuring the waterfront and swimming skills! Sports was held in the lodge and the girls made a giant domino train. Luckily, the rain wasn't too bad to keep the boaters off the water. 

Lunch was a camp speciality - lasagna. For dessert we had very yummy peach crisp! We took the cloudy weather as a opportunity to have a bit of an extended rest hour. After that, the sun made a very special appearance! During general swim, girls had the option to go in the lake but many others chose to play games around the flagpole and board games in the lodge. Fourth period followed as usual and activity period options included jumping off the tower, gaga pit, and sailing the Hunter!

For supper this evening we enjoyed hotdogs, chips and carrots with cookies for dessert. Instead of sitting with our normal cabin groups, every camper sat a different table without any of their cabin-mates. Everyone enjoyed getting to know new older and younger campers. 

Right now, everyone is up on the field learning the rules to our evening program game, Pirate Gangs! The game involves treasure hunting and gun battles with guns made from flour pouches. 

Tomorrow is Track Meet! We will take a break from our normal schedule and everyone will be up on the field participating in track activities and relay races. The camp has been split into Green and White teams and the competition is on!