Talent Night!

Breakfast this morning was a camp specialty: waffles with peanut butter! We had to modify some of the first classes of the day due to the weather, but before it started to rain, the senior cabins were able to participate in a trio of elements on the ropes course! Later in the week, we will be doing the trust fall on the ropes course, and everyone is very excited to try it!

Today's lunch was another favorite- shepherd's pie! After everyone got their fill we had rest hour. Instead of a general swim, we hosted a camp-wide game of Nonstop Cricket! The camp was divided just as they were for track and field day: green versus white.

Suppertime came quickly and we all enjoyed chicken patties with applesauce. After supper, people finished perfecting their acts for tonight's evening program: Talent Show! We had many talented campers perform dances, songs, and skits that were all very entertaining! It was a very eventful day today at Camp Asto Wamah!

-Shannon and Sloane