The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Day 5, Second Girls

Our morning began 30 minutes later than usual. Some of the campers needed some extra time to sleep in after the storm. For breakfast, the campers enjoyed bagels, cereal, and tangy orange juice. Besides our sleep-in, we had a normal morning of classes, which brings us to lunch! Today we had a delectable chicken parm with spaghetti and salad with ranch dressing. For dessert, the campers enjoyed vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles, topped with whipped cream. Even with the extra 30 minutes of sleep, lunch brought us to a well needed rest hour. A lot of the campers were grateful for the general swim because the sun started to peak out at that point. A normal day followed by supper which we had hamburgers! With carrots, applesauce, dill pickles. and chips. For dessert we had moist vanilla cake finished with a creamy chocolate frosting. As we are finishing up this blog post, the campers are heading to the A-Field to play a camp favorite of King Dodge! Wishing us the best weather for tomorrow, Tootles Till Tomorrow <3