Let It Rain- Day 4, Second Girls

Our apologies for the delay in our daily blog for there was some confusion with new authors.

We began our morning with some deliciously famous chocolate chip bread and hot cereal (regular cereal for the regulars!). It was a pretty chilly and dreary morning, so the kids sipped on some hot chocolate as well. With a little more warmth in our systems, the girls dressed up in their “fancy” pajamas and cabin pictures were taken!! Then off to the cabin in hopes to win cabin cleanup. The foggy morning parted way to the sun just in time for classes to start at 10:00. Off to boating, sports, swimming, and arts and crafts they went! For snack, the campers were served leftover pizza from last night’s supper. At our noontime meal (lunch/dinner- as we call it) we were served a camp’s favorite; ziti and divine baguettes. The campers settled down with rest hour and thankfully it wasn’t too hot so we were all comfy :) After rest hour, everyone grabbed a buddy or two and headed into the lake for a general swim. Then came time for our last class of the day, followed by activity period. Some activities that were being offered included a friendly game of Spoons, Gaga Ball, fishing, and Uno. Supper today was a little different than normal because the kitchen had the day off, meaning Eat Out!!!! The meal consisted of a choice of a meat sandwich or/and a PB&J with chips, bananas, bug juice (lemonade), and cookies! Sadly the rain couldn’t hold off for the rest of the night so we gathered the campers into the lodge and activity room for a game of Reverse Scavenger Hunt! An improv skit based game where the campers act out a scene given to them by the judges using items from their cabins. Looking forward to another beautiful day on Columbia Lake. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3