The Heat Subsides... and Brings the Rain (1st Girls Day 2)

Today was a great camp day! We started the day with a new camp meal- pancakes! It was a great addition to our breakfast rotation. All campers had their regular classes- sports (including tennis and archery!), swimming, boating of all kinds, and Arts and Crafts! Girls started making their baskets, had a great General Swim, and luckily the rain held off for all of our afternoon activities. Dinner was tacos with all the fixings, and cherry cake. Tonight’s activity is a combination of a Sing-Off and Reverse Scavenger Hunt. For Reverse Scavenger Hunt campers each bring an item, and then are given a topic to act out, using these items. It is always a great rainy activity- especially with the girls (campers and staff alike!) who get into the acting out of skits. The best news is, with this rain seems to have come some cooler air.