1st girls- day 3

This morning we were woken up with some chilly weather and a lot of rain which was a huge difference after the scorching hot weekend we just had. For breakfast we had chocolate chip bread, oatmeal, cereal, and bananas. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and camp duties before their morning classes.

Todays classes were a little different because it was raining all morning and campers could not go in the water or on the field. For swimming campers played scattagories with their swim classes against the other swimming levels. In sports class campers played a camp special, Roll or Die, a game created by a staff member. In boating classes campers played Small Craft Jeopary, which is an interactive way for campers to get to know fun facts about camp and all of the boats we have.

For lunch we enjoyed ravioli, baguetts, salad and pears for dessert. After lunch campers headed back to their cabins for rest hour which is a time for campers to get some rest, work on art projects and it is a good time for our book worms to catch up on their summer reading. Following rest hour campers had the option to go in the water for a general swim, play Gaga ball or other games around the lodge since it stopped raining, but it was still chilly. After general swim lakeside got to go out in the boats for fourth period, seniors had arts and crafts and Hilltop headed back up into the lodge for another intense round of Roll or Die.

Today for activity period campers had the options of getting their hair braided, learning how to make a friendship bracelet, or play board games in the lodge. For dinner we enjoyed grilled cheese and tomato soup, and a personal favorite of mine for dessert, cheesecake. Following dinner campers headed up to the field for evening program. Tonight we played Garbage Collector, a combination of basket ball and handball with ten balls, 100 players and two baskets.