1st Girls ~ Day 4

Here comes the sun! After a little bit of a rainy stint the sun came out and gave us some amazing weather and made the day easy to enjoy. For breakfast we had blueberry bread (a camp favorite) with our usual variety of cereals. In no time at all we were out and busy with our morning classes.

The girls enjoyed the option of Nature Class first period where we were able to go out and learn about the ecosystems around camp! Everyone also loved every second of being in the water for swimming and boating classes, as a splendid breeze kept the camp feeling nice and cool on the hot and sunny day.

With a chicken finger lunch all of camp was ready to take a little time for themselves with our rest hour, and proceed with fourth and activity period after our General Swim. Currently everyone is back in the upper lodge to hear a special message from Marcella A. MacDonald, a highly accomplished swimmer to say the least. Marcella has undertaken swimming adventures including in the English Channel (16 times!!!), Manhattan, Jersey England, and many more. She will be talking about motivating to accomplish what you set your mind to, female empowerment, and more great topics that everyone is looking forward to, we are very fortunate to be hearing from her! Afterwards we will be heading to the A Field for an abbreviated Evening Program to get some energy out before bed.

It looks like we are in clear with blue skies in the forecast for the week ahead, we can’t wait to enjoy every minute of life at Asto Wamah!

Until next time, Dan