1st Girls - Day 5

We had the perfect weather today! It was sunny, not humid at all, with a slight breeze to keep us cool.

During our morning classes campers worked on their strokes during swimming. We are gearing them up for tomorrow as during morning swim classes Levels 5 and 6 will be completing our “Butterfly Bootcamp”! The Butterfly is a notoriously difficult stroke with a particular cadence, so we like to break it down over the course of one or two days to help campers get the hang of it. We pull out all of the stops: flippers, pull buoys, and even some demonstrations from our seasoned swim teachers. By the end of this weekend, all of the campers will have perfected it!

For lunch campers tried meatloaf! Sue makes it with extra ketchup and the campers always love it. With their stomachs full, campers retreated to their cabins for Rest Hour. Afterwards, everyone checked in for General Swim. Most of the campers stayed in for the full time because the weather was so nice and the water was super refreshing. Afterwards, campers went to their last class of the day. If they chose to go to nature, campers had the opportunity to paint and decorate bird houses! Tomorrow they will go hang them around camp in hopes of providing a nice home for our neighbors.

This evening’s dinner was chicken melts, applesauce and carrots. Now campers are up at the A-Field playing evening program. Tonight’s game is '“King Dodge”, a camp variation of dodgeball. We cannot believe that tomorrow marks the end of the first week! Time has been flying by this session.