1st Girls- Day 6

With the first week almost over we started our morning off with blue sky and sunshine. Today for breakfast we had waffles and peanut butter, cereal, yogurt and bananas. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and camp duties. Camp duties are jobs that each cabin is assigned to help keep camp clean which include bailing boats, cleaning the bathrooms, collecting trash from cabins and sweeping the lodge. Once camp cuties were over we met in the cousin ring for morning thought. Today our kitchen staff talked about respect and manners in camp.

For our morning classes we did not have a cloud in the sky, campers practiced their swimming and boating, crafted new crafts and adventured on the ropes course. After our morning classes campers have thirty minutes of free time to shower, take out boats or go fishing before cookee bell rang. For lunch we had pork chops, mashed potatoes, carrots and sorbet for dessert. Following lunch campers had the opportunity to go to store, where they can get once piece of candy, and postage to write letters during rest hour. Once rest hour was over campers headed down to the waterfront for general swim and fourth period classes.

After fourth period campers had the opportunity to jump off the tower, take out paddle boards, do yoga or play Gaga ball. Before dinner we circled up around the flag pole for cabin inspection results and to take down the flag. For dinner we had hamburgers, carrots, chips and vanilla cake for dessert.

Tonight for evening program campers headed up to the a field for a game of capture the flag for evening program.