We dodged the storms! 1st Girls, Day 7

Today started off with English muffins (with jelly and butter), accompanied by the usual cereal, milk, OJ, and cocoa. The mornings activities went off without a hitch, and we even had some swimmers pass into the next level mid-session today! Dinner was homemade lasagna (delicious!), with baguettes, and salad. Our afternoon included General Swim, and it seemed like all the boats were out today during Activity Period, which was amazing! The Hunter went out, Sunfish, Stand-up Paddleboards- almost every kind of vessel we have was out! Dinner was Eat Out so the Kitchen Staff can have a well earned afternoon and evening off, and the weather cooperated! We had hot dogs, chips, and all the accessories! Tonight is Spies and Smugglers, a camper favorite- wear your long pants and extra layers!