Girls Session 1 - Day 1

We were sad to see the boys leave early yesterday morning but returned today ready to start the first week of girls! Moving campers in this afternoon was quite warm, but people managed to stay cool by staying in the shade and drinking plenty of water. After goodbyes were finished and the girls were settled into their cabins, all of camp met at the Council Ring to go over camp expectations and to introduce our hardworking staff!

After expectations were set and new campers tested into their respective swim levels, campers were finally able to go into the lake! Everyone checked in today and swam for about thirty minutes. It was a welcome relief from the heat!

Once the last camper left the lake, everyone gathered in the lodge for our traditional first dinner - hot dogs. Campers were able to choose from a variety of salads to go along with their hot dogs and tater tots. They chose from garden salad, potato salad, cucumber salad and a couscous dish. It was the perfect refreshing side dish!

Now campers are enjoying some free time. A few campers are playing tetherball, others are enjoying a game of knock hockey, while others are chatting in their cabins and working on making new friends! In a few minutes we will head up to the A-Field to play our evening program. Afterwards we will all go into the lake once more before bedtime. Everyone will sleep much better once they have rinsed off!