Day 4

Even though we started the day off with some heavy rain, that didn't stop us from having fun here at camp! To start off the day we offered warm cocoa along with an old camp favorite; waffles with peanut butter! Cabin cleanup proved to be difficult with all the mud, but that didn't stop our ambitious campers from making their cabins spotless.

Since the field was wet and it was too cold on the waterfront, classes were moved indoors. For swimming we met in the Activity Room to play various games such as Scattegories, Mad Libs, Apples to Apples, and many other card games. For sports we played domino rally, and another cabin cooperative involving teamwork which came down to the final round. We also played Play-Doh-Nary, which is a camp twist of Pictionary where instead of drawing the item, you sculpt it for your team to guess.

After a busy morning filled with games, the campers enjoyed a camp favorite of many- Shepard's Pie and salad on the side, with vanilla pudding for dessert! Campers were able to catch up on writing home during rest hour, and then there was an option of general swim or more games in the upper lodge.

Shortly we will be having supper which is grilled cheese with tomato soup. Afterwards we will be playing a mystery game, similar to a real life version of Clue, followed by a special guest- a story teller. We are all excited for tonight's events and all are sure to sleep well!

Until Tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane