And the Final Day has Come

We have officially reached the last day of camp!! The morning started off with chocolate chip bread and cereal for breakfast! Campers headed back to their cabins to work on cleaning and gathering all their items to start heading home tomorrow. 

Our first three periods flew by as everyone was excited to get into the water on such a warm, beautiful day! Many of our campers headed up into our ropes course during sports class while others finished up archery and tennis! Everyone had a great time putting last minute touches onto their arts and craft projects! Swimmers and boater found out if they would be passing their class for this session!

Everyone rushed to devour up the ziti after such a busy morning! With a side of salad and peaches for dessert, we all headed back to our cabins for the last rest hour! 

Finishing up rest hour, we were all excited to get right into the water for general swim and some very excited campers were finally able to move up into a different area for swimming! We went off to fourth period which went by very quickly and back everyone went to change for a camp wide game of Pirates!!

This game splits the camp into two teams. Each team searches around the camp for the other teams' treasure while trying to gain points during round! As a result of such a tiring game, everyone was eager to jump back into the lake to wash off the sweat and dirt before heading off to dinner. We all enjoyed chicken melts and carrots with lemon sorbet for dessert. 

Tonight, we are having our traditional last night event - Camp Fire! Every year on the last night of the session, we roast marshmallows and sign songs while campers receive their swimming and boating awards if they were skilled enough to pass. They also receive their year awards. These mark the amount of years the campers come to camp and it is a great way to remember camp throughout the rest of the year!!

We will miss all of our campers dearly but we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning between 8:30-10:00AM!! It has been an amazing session and we hope to see you all next year!!

~Until next session,

Allissa and Amanda