Day 3

Today was yet another chilly one for all of us here at Camp Asto Wamah!! We started off the morning with everyone enjoying tasty bagels with cereal! Many of our campers and staff enjoyed hot chocolate with breakfast to try and help warm them up! 

Our first three periods went smoothly. Each swimming class got out just a little early so they could change and beat the cold. Sports class was filled with soccer and basketball as they seemed to definitely be popular amongst the campers today! Our archers and tennis stars continued to show their hidden talents all throughout the day.

At our noon time meal, we devoured ham and buttered noodles with carrots for a tasty vegetable.  Prior to announcements, we had the pleasure of enjoying butterscotch pudding. Many campers seemed to find a new favorite dessert!

As activity period programs were announced, some very lucky campers found out they would be able to go sailing on our big sail boat, The Hunter during activity period! Campers finished their camp duties quickly as they realized that it was again, time for store! As everyone grabbed some candy, the bell rang beginning rest hour and all enjoyed a nice nap. 

Following rest hour, Catherine, our water front director, decided it was just a little too chilly for our campers to really enjoy themselves during general swim. So instead, we all went up to the A-field for a spirited game of Non-Stop Cricket!! The campers really had a fun time trying to catch the balls that their counselors would hit! 

Finishing up Non-Stop Cricket, everyone hustled off to their forth period class so they would be able to get to activity period even sooner! The Hunter went out, along with the paddle boards and a few brave campers took on the chilly water to jump off the tower! Some decided to stay a little warmer and play games on the A-field!

Dinner tonight is just a little different than our usual meals. Tonight, our kitchen staff had the night off so instead of eating in the dining room, each cabin went with their counselors out to a designated area throughout camp. Some were on the A-field while others ate on picnic tables or on Main dock! Campers really love this because it gives them a nice change of scenery. We had either turkey or ham sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly for anyone who requested that as well!

Tonight for evening program our campers will partake in an old camp favorite, Spies and Smugglers! This game consists of two teams, a Spy team and a Smuggler team. Each team receives the opportunity to play each role. As a smuggler, their objective is to "smuggle" a piece of paper with a point value written on it from the flagpole to the A-field. They can hide the paper anywhere in their clothing. If they are tagged by the spies, they must stop running and allow the spy three chance to guess where the paper is located. If incorrectly guessed, the smuggler can continue on their journey up to the field. If guessed correctly, the paper is turned over to the opposing team. At the end of the game, when both teams have had the opportunity of playing each role, the points are tallied up, and a winner is announced! This definitely is a tradition to play here at camp as all of our staff members even played it as campers!! 

This will definitely help the kids to get our any of that extra energy that they may still have bottled up and hopefully help them sleep well!

Until tomorrow,

~Allissa and Amanda