Day 2 of Camp

Dear friends and family!

We had a very exciting second day of camp. Our very enthusiastic boys and girls hit the ground running on a very chilly morning with corn bread and cereal for breakfast which was gobbled up pretty quickly! 

We finished our camp duties and headed right into first period. Some hopped right into the water as it started warming up while others enjoyed an intense game of basketball on the A-field. We had some fantastic archers practicing their new found skills at our archery range and some promising tennis players enjoying the sunshine on the tennis court!

Second and third periods flew by as campers and staff alike became hungry looking forward to meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes! Everyone ate their fill and realized they were very much looking forward to store and rest hour! Following some great naps, everyone changed and headed back into the water for a lovely general swim as it turned into a beautiful 75 degree day!

Fourth period went by quickly with the anticipation of a brand new activity period program! YOGA! Boys and girls alike joined our new yoga instructor up on the A-field for a little relaxation before dinner time!

As our counselors and campers began setting their tables, everyone went around the flagpole to start getting ready for flag lowering. Cabin 6 for our girls, cabin 4 and cabin 8 for our boys all won cleanest cabin awards for the day. The flag was lowered and everyone hustled up to their tables to eat chicken patties with apple sauce and carrots for dinner. A surprise to all was the vanilla cake and chocolate frosting for dessert! 

Cleaning up went smoothly as everyone prepared for our evening program game of capture the flag! Campers are split into two teams and for this game, enjoy the thrill of running through a portion of the woods to capture the other teams' flag!! This is definitely a camp favorite!!

This game usually tires most campers out, so we are anticipating campers falling asleep quickly!  It seems like it might be another chilly night so that should help them sleep as well!

Until tomorrow,

~Allissa and Amanda