Coed Has Begun!

Yesterday afternoon, we welcomed 87 campers to Asto Wamah! The weather held out as campers moved into their cabins, we reviewed camp rules and introduced staff, and completed swim classification tests. 

We had hot dogs, tater tots, and brownies for dessert last night! We enjoyed a rain storm throughout dinner, and luckily, the rain stopped just in time for evening program. Unfortunately, the A-Field was too wet for our game, so campers and staff played various Minute-to-Win-It games in the lodge. The rain picked up again just in time for everyone to go to bed.

This morning, we started our typical daily routine with flag raising and Chicken Fat! Breakfast included French toast, cereal options, and fruit. After campers filled up, we completed daily tasks, such as cleaning our cabins and camp to keep it looking great!

Campers then enjoyed swimming lessons, boating and canoeing lessons, arts and crafts, and sports! It was a busy morning! At noon, campers were able to participate in activities of their choice. Several campers decided to fish, either on docks or in boats! One camper caught 15 fish!

After counselors' swim at noon, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken tenders and rice. Rest hour was next and many campers took the opportunity to get some rest in order to gear up for the rest of the day. After rest hour, campers had the option of swimming or fishing and then they moved on to the last class of the day.

We just finished up dinner - everyone is nice and full! We are getting ready for our first outdoor evening program. We are playing medical war, which is a dodgeball game and one of our campers' favorites! 

We look forward to updating you on our day tomorrow!