November Update

Greetings Asto Wamah Blog Followers,

Hope October was a terrific month for you!

I trust you have found the photos from this past summer that are now posted on the website in the Photo Gallery.  Hope they remind you of the fun you had and the friends you made!

November has arrived quickly in Columbia.  Leaves are covering the paths and filling the Gaga Pit.   They are not as colorful as they have been in the past, but they do make a lovely ground cover.  On Nov. 1st, the dam on Columbia Lake will be opened starting the 2-week process of draining the lake down 6-8 feet. Once it is at its winter low, the aquarium will be dry and you will almost be able to walk around the front of the main dock.  I will send pictures with the December Blog.

The dates and fees for 2018 have been finalized.  A postcard with this information will be sent soon to each family on the mailing list. Here are the details:        

  1. June 24 to June 30 coed, ages 8 to 12
  2. July 1 to July 14 all boys, ages 8 to 14
  3. July 15 to July 28 all girls, ages 8 to 14
  4. July 29 to August 11 all girls, ages 8 to 14

The 2018 registration fee of $50 is due at the time of registration and it is not refundable or deductible from the camp fee of $495 per week.  We are hoping that a session at CAW will fit into your summer schedule.  The 2018 Brochure will be mailed on January 1, 2018 and registration will be opened on February 1.

Last year’s Camp Reunion had to be cancelled because of snow.  We will try again this year on January 6th from 1:00 to 3:00 at Center Church House (60 Gold Street) in Hartford. Hope you can attend!  An invitation will be sent to each camp household in Dec. via email.  Please save the date!!

Remember, as you ‘spread the word” about Asto Wamah to friends, relatives, siblings, etc, make sure you send me their home and email addresses so they can get the necessary updates and info.

Hard to believe it is already time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. 

With Gratitude for each of you,