October Update

Welcome to October and an update on Asto Wamah!

Our weather in Columbia as of late certainly makes it hard to believe that fall has arrived.  It has been feeling much more like summer.  If you walked through camp today, you would notice very few differences (other than the buildings closed up and the rafts moored at shore) compared to when you last walked the paths.  There are some leaves on the ground, but thinking back to the gypsy moth damage during the early weeks of summer, those fallen leaves do not seem to be out of place.

Due to this warm and dry weather, we have had the opportunity to get some outside maintenance projects started and some even completed.  The Hut closest to the cold water showers has a new roof and a good deal of repaired trim work.  The poles on the Lodge’s lower porch have been sanded and painted.  We are working our way across the front of the Lodge, painting, rescreening, and repairing the 5 doors.  That work will eventually lead to a more attractive front façade.  Our major project focuses on the D.C., the oldest camp building constructed in 1944.  The lake-side wall has suffered from dampness, sun damage, and age and is now in the process of being replaced.  Fall is our best time of year to do outside work and we are keeping busy.

By the time you receive the next Blog, the dates for the 2018 season will be set. Early in November, all camp families will receive a postcard with the schedule and fees for the new season.  If you know of someone who might not be on our mailing list and would be interested in that information, please send us his or her mailing information.

We have partnered with a software company (Ultra Camp) that will be managing much of our “office work”.   Registration, the sending in of health forms, collection of fees, etc. will be a bit different.  It will be our task to help everyone understand the changes and navigate the program.  We believe you will find this format easier than it has been in the past.  More to come on that topic!

Being well informed of the weather issues beyond Columbia, we are grateful for the tranquility we have been so fortunate to have had, and are thinking of all of you who may not have been so lucky. 

Know that all of you are very special to us and we are hoping for your safety,

Jen, Catherine, Chris and Nancy