Day 7

To start off this cool morning we had chocolate chip bread for breakfast! Since today was the half way point of boys session, everyone headed back to their cabins after breakfast to switch bunks around. Morning classes went smoothly and campers improved their swimming and boating skills, and had fun in sports and arts & crafts.

For dinner the kitchen served lasagna with salad, and some campers even went up for thirds! After rest hour we had general swim and fourth period, followed by activity period where some campers went jumping off the tower.

For supper the kitchen staff is on their night out, and so we served hot dogs outside around the flagpole area instead of in the lodge, which allowed us to enjoy nature and dine with people outside of our cabin groups. Soon we will be heading up to the field soon to play "Step-it-Up," which involves playing mini games to earn beans that move your "robot" closer to the finish line, step by step! For this game, the camp will be split into their Green and White teams, which will be the same teams they will be playing for tomorrow in Track and Field Day!

Until tomorrow,

Sloane and Shannon