Day 6

For breakfast we enjoyed a camp tradition of waffles and peanut butter! Morning classes went smoothly. We did received a short storm where we had to have some classes inside, but campers were able to enjoy activities such as Small craft Jeopardy!

For dinner we had Swedish meatball and mashed potatoes, followed by jello for dessert! After rest hour we had a change in the normal schedule; a special guest Carla is a drummer who is raising money to build wells in Africa. I think it's safe to say the kids and staff all enjoyed learning more about other cultures.

For supper we had pulled pork and offered left overs as alternatives, with cheesecake for dessert. Tonight, the campers are in for a treat because we are playing Pirate Gangs! This game is a favorite because it uses most of the camp property, and you have to battle using "guns" (rags filled with flour) to hunt for the other team's treasure! Everyone is sure to sleep well after such an eventful day!

Until tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane