Track & Field Day

To start off this competitive day, we served bagels with cream cheese and cereal. Instead of normal morning classes, we went straight to the field for the standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, and 50-yard dash! Everyone was excited to participate and support one another, regardless of their team. To cool off, we had a quick general swim before dinner.

For dinner we had ham and egg noodles with corn, and sorbet for dessert. Following the meal, we had a much needed rest hour for campers to re-energize for the rest of their active day. After rest hour there was an optional "marathon" run, which is about half of a mile down camp road ending at the lakeside wash stand. Next on today's list, we did the Indian War Relay starting at the top of the camp road and finishing at main dock, with many twists and turns along the way- including handing the batons off to swimmers, boaters, and canoes! It was an exciting race all along the way, but the green team ended up taking home the win.

Afterwards, we held swim races where campers swam against others in their swim areas, then had a second general swim. For supper, we had hamburgers with lettuce and tomatoes, and brownies for dessert. Tonight for evening program we are going to the field to play a variety of relay races, where each cabin group is split to go head to head- green versus white.

After today's events and excitement, everyone is sure to have a good night's sleep and be well rested for tomorrow!

Until then,

Amanda and Sloane