Day 9

Good evening! After morning bells rang, we gobbled up delicious blueberry bread! We resumed our regular class schedules today. The morning went smoothly, although a few campers complained of sore muscles after so much running yesterday. The sailors were lucky to have good wind around the lake and swimmers started to perfect their strokes in anticipation for testing later this week. Nature was very exciting today, as campers learned about Ant Lions. These creatures live right below the sand and create small traps in the surface of the ground to capture ants to eat. The campers collected a few of these interesting insects and placed them in a terrarium. This has proved to be entertaining to many campers! At many points today, campers were surrounding the terrarium eyes glued to the activities going on within, 

Lunch was Texas Casserole with fresh greens. This is a camp favorite for many! Campers welcomed Rest Hour after a busy morning and many enjoyed a refreshing dip during General Swim afterwards. In Arts and Crafts, campers prepared props for tonight's festivities. Tonight's evening program is Talent Night! Campers from all cabins gave been preparing skits, songs, and dances everyone's enjoyment. It is has brought cabins together as they work as a team to complete their performances. Staff and campers alike are looking forward to what cabins have in store for us. We are expecting many laughs as campers go all out!

Paddle boards went out at Activity Period today granting campers the opportunity to enjoy the lake a little bit more before dinner. The kitchen prepared chicken patties for us with chips and apple sauce. However, the dessert stole the show as we had chocolate pudding pie for dessert. You haven't had the real camp experience without trying this famous dessert!

Until tomorrow!

Amanda and Taylor