July 25, 2017

It was a cold day on the lake, but we didn't get any rain so we will take it!

Because of the colder weather, any classes involving water were cut a little bit short today. Swimmers had just enough time to get some practice with their strokes before they got out of the water and changed into warm dry clothes. Sailors had a quick task to compete on the water and then headed back to camp before it got too chilly. Sports classes played games on the field that gave them a chance to keep their blood flowing, and arts and crafts classes got to work on their projects while enjoying the warmth of a fire in the fireplace. All in all it turned out to be a great day!

Instead of a general swim today, the whole camp met up on the A-Field to play non-stop cricket! The game was so exciting you could hear cheering all the way down by the lake! It lasted a little longer than a normal general swim would, so afterwards we went straight to fourth period and skipped activity period for today.

Dinner was the perfect meal for tonight - Grilled cheeses and chicken noodle soup! There was extra excitement stirring in the dining room today because after dinner we are hosting our Talent Night! Cabins have been working hard on their skits, and individual acts have spent most of their free time preparing for their performance! We can't wait to see how talented our campers are!

-Shannon and Sloane