July 24, 2017

Today was our first rainy day of the session and we had a great time! We started the day off with a breakfast of cornbread and oranges! Afterwards campers headed back to the cabin to start cleaning their muddy cabin! 

Because of the rain, our class schedule was a little different today. Swimming classes played games in the activity room, and small craft classes played board games on the upper porch. Sports classes played play-doh-nary, a pictionary game played with play-doh, along with a variety of other indoor games.

Our lunch today was Swedish meatballs, gravy, green beans and mashed potatoes. Our dinner for today was chicken patty sandwiches with a dessert of chocolate pudding pie! Campers were excited to see some of their favorite meals on the menu for this rainy day!

Tonight's evening program will be reverse scavenger hunt, which is a game that allows campers to bring props from the cabin to organize skits that follow a theme they're given. It is a favorite game for almost every camper so it's been exciting for them to spend time after dinner planning which items they will be bringing to the event!

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow, but either way we will surely make the most of it!

-Shannon and Sloane