July 26, 2017

Yesterday was another BEAUTIFUL day on the lake! After 2 days of rain we welcomed the sunshine with open arms!

Classes worked hard on their last minute tasks yesterday with swimmers and boaters perfecting their strokes, arts and crafts classes finishing their projects, and sports classes getting in last minute favorite games! It's crazy to think about how fast this session has flown by!

Lunch yesterday was a camp favorite - Shepherd's Pie! People were talking about the meal all day long! Some even went up for a third serving! After lunch campers enjoyed a quiet rest hour, and then back to the normal general swim schedule. 

Evening program yesterday was a game called "Step It Up" where campers have to complete little challenges to earn beans. They can turn in their beans to their team captain, who takes a step for every bean turned in. The goal is to get the captain from their starting location back to the A-Field! It was a ton of fun!

We will be back on the blog tonight to report on today's activities and banquet!

-Shannon and Sloane