Banquet Night

This morning began with blueberry bread for breakfast! Once breakfast was finished, everyone went back to clean their cabins and start the early process of packing up! It's hard to believe there's only 1 full day of the session left! It feels like everyone moved in just yesterday!

Classes were very busy today as everyone was being officially tested on their skills. Counselors spent time watching each camper and deciding if they pass their class or not. Campers will find out when their name is announced at campfire tomorrow night! It is a really talented bunch and many already passed their classes earlier this session! 

Lunch today was a choice of tuna, egg salad, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Butterscotch pudding was offered for dessert. We decided to play another round of Non-Stop Cricket instead of rest hour, which was just as exciting the second time around!

Today we offered a game of "Pirate Gangs" for some lucky campers. Pirate Gangs is a sailing game played on the water. Some campers have the opportunity to sail in the larger sailboat called the Hunter, and others were assigned to 6 smaller sailboats (called sunfish). Each boat is equipped with "bombs" (tennis balls) that they try to throw at the other boats in an awesome game of attack. The campers had a ton of fun, and truthfully, so did the staff.

Tonight is a special night because we have our banquet. We have a big dinner full of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and mashed potatoes with ice cream for dessert. The campers are presented with their year awards, we watch a slideshow of pictures from the session, and we get to sing a bunch of camp songs. Afterwards, we have our candlelight ceremony and then head off to bed. It is a special tradition at camp that is a great way to wrap up the session!

-Shannon and Sloane