Day 6

Our day today started with a camp staple, waffles and peanut butter! Then came cabin clean up, and a normal rotation of our first three periods (sports, boating, swimming or arts and crafts). For dinner we had chicken parmagain and sorbet, followed by the picking of green and white team captains. Tomorrow is track and field day here at camp, typically Sunday but moved up because of the impending rain! Captains went with Drew just before rest hour to divide the camp into green and white teams for tomorrows events!

After rest hour, we had a special guest join us! Carla, along with various African drums and musical instruments, visited camp and taught the campers different popular rhythms from the amazing places she's visited. Carla was able to showcase her love for this style of music, and her passion to help others, when she explained to our campers what visits like this meant for the villages she goes back to - fresh water wells and even a future bridge! It was an amazing treat for campers and counselors alike!

Supper tonight was burgers, followed by delicious cheesecake! Now everyone is off to get tied shoes on, in preparation of tonights evening program - Step it Up!

Until tomorrow,