Day 7

Welcome back to the Birch Blog!  Today at camp we started off with english muffins, and we had our Track and Field day!  Generally we have Track and Field day on Sunday however due to impending weather we decided to have it a day early and it was fantastic.  Campers had a great time participating in events which included running and standing long jump, softball throw, 50-yard dash, a “marathon” run (which is around a mile), and swim races.  There was also our classic team triathlon, where every camper has a role in a giant relay race.  Swimming, row boating and canoeing, and running takes place at different sections of the race.  

Kids are currently getting long pants and dark clothes on in preparation for evening program which will be Pirates!  This game includes being able to run about in the woods and involves lots of teamwork.  Before that we will have one last quick track and field event, the 220 and 440 meter dash.

Until next time,