Days 8 & 9

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to avoid most of the rain storm and get classes in! Campers enjoyed cinnamon bread for breakfast, ham and noodles for dinner, and pick-up (our left over styled meal) for supper. Evening program was where the real excitement began, Deck - A - Counselor!!! Cabins chose two staff members out of a hat to bring back to their cabin and plan a skit together, decking them out however they wanted! Everyone laughed and loved this game which hasn't been played in years!

Monday morning, after rough storms through out the night, a tree branch fell right on the lodges power line! Due to this issue, and the lack of power, we got to sleep in, which the campers enjoyed. After a quick fix by a repair man, power was restored and everything could proceed as usual. The first three classes went on without a hitch, with rest hour following our Swedish meatballs dinner! Then came an optional general swim/gaga/tetherball time frame, and fourth period. Activity period today consisted of various games in the upper lodge, gaga and a huge focus around working on Secret Sister projects. Each camper got to pick a "secret sister" yesterday to compliment, do nice things, or make cards for. The idea is every similar to "secret santa." They have until Wednesday at supper, when we do the big reveal!!! So exciting!

Now we are off to play Garbage Collector, tonights evening program! 

Until tomorrow,