Day 10

Today brought a wide variety of weather, including torrential rain before, during, and after General Swim, where many swimmers just swam in the rain- we're wet anyway, right?  Supper tonight was grilled cheese and tomato soup, perfect for the slightly cooler weather that rolled through with the rain clouds.  

Tonight's evening program was a Talent Show- and it was amazing!  From comedy skits, to ukulele performances, Irish Step Dancing- we had a little bit of everything, and it sure is amazing to get to see some talents that people have that we wouldn't normally get to see in camp.  At the very start of the Talent Show there was a rainbow over Columbia Lake- a beautiful end to a beautiful day.  

Tomorrow marks the last regular day of camp- Thursday is Banquet, Friday is campfire, and Saturday.... Shhh.  It can't be ending this soon!