Day 12

Yesterday we had a great day and despite thinking the weather would make things challenging we lucked out for the most part!  Sailboats and other small crafts were able to go out and practice on the lake, and campers had a great time in swimming class as well.  We had a quick storm that came by in the afternoon but we had clear skies after for banquet!

The second Thursday is a special day with banquet, as the whole camp gets together and has supper in the main room of the upper lodge.  After a great meal consisting of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more, we sung songs and watched a great slide show of pictures taken from throughout the session which everyone loved.  Banquet closes with a candlelight service, where each camper gets a candle in a bowl.  Most of the time we gather in a circle around the flagpole and light each candle one by one, but because there was minimal wind on the lake, we were able to float the candles onto the lake and enjoy the beautiful sight of watching all the candles slowly float away.  It truly is a special sight to see and everyone enjoyed it.  We have great weather for our last full day of camp which everyone is excited and thankful for.