Day 5

Good evening everyone, today for breakfast we had bagels and oatmeal. We also enjoyed some hot cocoa on this chilly morning. Our normally scheduled classes were changed due to a very special guest speaker, Bobby Daly. He is a former Camp Asto Wamah staff member and has been serving in the peace corps for 2 years now. He presented information regarding the lives of those he has worked with in Uganda. Bobby explained how life in Uganda is different from our lives in the United States. He taught the campers a few songs and they seemed to have a lot of fun!

For lunch today we had baked ziti, baguettes and a fresh green salad on the side. After lunch we resumed our typically scheduled classes. Campers got to enjoy swimming, boating, sailing, and stand up paddle boarding. 

For supper we had chicken melts! Pretty soon we will be heading up to the field to begin our evening program. We are playing King Dodge ball. This game is different from medical war. In this game when a person gets out, they have to go to the other side and try to get out of jail by hitting someone with a dodgeball. Tonight's game is sure to tire everyone out! 

Until tomorrow,