Tuesday, June 28th

Campers woke up to rain this morning, but we had plenty of activities ready for them after breakfast! We started the day with waffles and peanut butter, a specialty at Camp Asto Wamah. All morning classes were held inside today. Swimmers played a competitive game of Scattergories while boaters played card games on the porch. Sports classes participated in a variety of indoor camp originals, including a game that is much like a combination of Pictionary and telephone. It was entertaining to see the final picture campers ended up with!

For lunch today, we enjoyed ham and noodles with a side of corn. A healthy dessert of peaches followed. Rest hour was quiet and many campers worked on bracelets and wrote letters home. It's easy to relax in the cabin on a rainy day at camp! Our new general swim procedures were tested out today. It turned out to be very successful! Campers are no longer required to go into the lake, but rather can choose from a few activities. These activities include music, sports, arts and crafts, and nature, all with variations that make them different from regularly scheduled classes. About thirty campers enjoyed the water today while the majority of campers headed to the A-Field to play Nuke'em. 

We were fortunate to find that the rain had stopped for fourth period and boats were able to go out onto the lake! Activity period followed with options of Ultimate Frisbee, paddle boarding, a ride on the Hunter (our largest sailboat), aquarium games, or learning sign language. This group of campers is excellent at trying the unique opportunities offered at camp!

It's Taco Tuesday! For dinner campers enjoyed tacos, chips, and applesauce. Campers are now gathered around the flag pole to learn the rules of Spies and Smugglers, our Evening Program for tonight.  After a rainy day we are very excited to have an evening program that will give the campers an opportunity to burn off some steam! Later a story teller is going to pay us a visit in the lodge. He comes from Center Church and is very popular at camp! Hopefully his stories will give campers something to think about while drifting off to sleep tonight.

It's only Tuesday and this week is already flying by! 

~Taylor and Shannon