First Full Day of CoEd Camp: Monday June 27th

Happy first Monday of Camp! Summer has finally begun at Asto Wamah! 

Yesterday campers arrived and got settled into their cabins. They were introduced to camp with a tour of the property led by their counselors. Our first dinner was our traditional hot dogs, tater tots, and baked beans followed by delicious brownies for dessert! Campers eagerly prepared for evening program by putting on their tied shoes and heading to the A-Field. Quickly we began our usual first night game of Medical War! Campers were very excited to get some energy out after hearing all the rules of camp! Even better, the game ended in a perfect tie!

Most campers were early risers today after spending the first night sleeping in the woods! It's always a new experience, especially for the first time campers. Breakfast was cornbread and cereal. The perfect breakfast to get ready for an exciting day of classes. Campers rotated between sports class, small craft, swimming lessons and arts and crafts. After classes campers were treated with some free time which they quickly filled with games of knock hockey, tetherball, and most excitingly our new Gaga Pit! The addition of the Gaga Pit has been a huge hit with all of the campers (photos below).

Our dinner for today was meatballs, mashed potatoes, with a healthy side of carrots and green beans! Dessert was butterscotch pudding which many campers enjoyed much to their surprise. After a big meal everyone relaxed in their cabins during Rest Hour. They finished the day with their last class, and then went straight into activity period. Campers had the option to participate in jumping off the tower, playing KanJam, soccer, fishing off the dock or going sailing in some of our sunfish. 

After an active day, campers enjoyed chicken patties for supper, with a side of chips and carrots. Cheesecake followed for dessert. Now the campers are off to play a game of Capture the Flag. Now that everyone is more settled in we are positive campers will be sleeping very well tonight!

Stay tuned for daily updates on all of our fun camp activities!
Taylor and Shannon