Wednesday, June 29th

After a rainy Tuesday we woke up to clearing skies! For breakfast this morning we enjoyed chocolate chip banana bread for the first time at Asto Wamah. We are lucky to have a very talented baker as a counselor in Cabin 6 - she spoiled us this morning! We returned to our normal outdoor schedule for morning classes. Swimmers worked on perfecting their strokes, boaters got comfortable in their new small craft, arts and crafts worked on their individual projects and sports classes engaged in a lively game of handball.

Chicken fingers were served for lunch today with a side of carrots, rice and a dessert of chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream. After lunch we posed for cabin pictures in front of the lake, and those pictures will be available for purchase on Saturday! 

Today for general swim the campers had the choice to either swim, learn to play ukuleles, or learn to play the piano. Many campers selected swimming on this beautiful day, but those who played music were very excited to show off their new songs. After general swim campers finished their class schedule and attended an activity for activity period. They could choose between ultimate frisbee, jumping off the tower, paddle boarding, or an archery tournament.

Dinner was exciting tonight! Campers got a unique opportunity to eat dinner around camp for our "eat out" night. Because kitchen staff have their night off, staff make sandwiches for the campers which they enjoy somewhere else around camp in a sort of picnic style setting. Some cabins ate dinner on main dock, and another cabin chose to eat in the Lean-to in the woods. "Eat out" always ends with lots of energy, laughter, and campers who are ready to play their evening program. Tonight our sports director Drew organized a high energy game of Pirates - a game involving guns made out of flour wrapped in dishee rags (our version of wash cloths) and a challenging treasure hunt. 

With only 2 full day of camp left everyone is eager to try everything camp has to offer!

~Taylor and Shannon