Day 2 & 3

Second day of camp, our first full day, kicked off beautifully! French toast for breakfast, ravioli for dinner and tacos for supper! Classes began yesterday, and seeing the various swim classes out and boats in the water was awesome! Evening program was 'garbage collector.' Each team has one camper, or 'collector' in charge of holding the bucket while the rest of the team shoots different point-based dodge balls in! Then it was time for a quick dip and off to bed!

Day 3 began quite foggy, but luckily cleared after our blueberry bread breakfast and lead into another beautiful day! Classes really got into it today, with sailboats getting a chance to go out, as well as the canoes and row boats! Carol, our designated basket lady and her slew of campers have started their respective projects and they are starting to really take shape! 

For dinner today, our noon time meal, we had chicken tenders followed by cherry jello for dessert. Everyone went in for the general swim that follows rest hour and then it was off to fourth period. Activity period options today included jumping off the tower, playing gaga, making bracelets and more!

Pizza and, Sue (the cooks), famous apple crisp, were a big hit at supper tonight. Now the campers are off to get tied shoes on and wear clothing with LOTS of pockets! Any guesses to what we are playing tonight?

Spies and Smugglers!

Until tomorrow,