Day 1

Last first day of the 2018 camp season! Second girls kicked off on this beautiful and sunny day, making drop off a breeze. With seventeen LT's (leadership trainees) to help carry trunks and show campers to their cabins, it was made even easier! After everyone was all moved in, introductions and rules given out, it was time for a quick general swim! Everyone got into the water to cool off just before supper, our evening meal!

Supper tonight, per camp tradition, was hot dogs and brownies for dessert! Evening program, another first-night tradtion of 'Medical Wars' got the whole camp involved! Every night we, as a whole camp, come together to play one big game!

After a few intense rounds, quick dip was offered before campers got ready for bed. Then counselors read the camper-choosen book to help with falling asleep. They will read this book for the rest of the session as a great way to wrap up the day!

Now it's time for everyone to get some sleep in preparation with our first full day of classes and activities!

Until tomorrow,