Day 4

Our fourth day here at camp kicked off with chocolate chip bread and cereal! Then came time for cabin pictures! Chris got all the cabins taken care of quickly, so that they could go back and clean the cabins, in hopes of impressing Sue - the nurse! Everyday Sue inspects each cabin to find the cleanest within the three groups (hilltop, lakeside and seniors) to find a winner of Cabin Clean Up.

The rain held off and we were able to get all classes in this morning. Sailors enjoyed a perfectly windy day on the lake and each class went out! For dinner, we had ziti and salad, with vanilla pudding for dessert. Following rest hour, we practiced a fire drill incase of emergencies, and then a quick passing of rain prevented us from getting to go into the water for general swim. Luckily, fourth period was able to go on as normal (minus sports in the upper lodge). Activity period was filled with tons options from LT's and counselors! A few LT's lead a dance party in our activity room and had an awesome turn out! Brendan and Sloane even took out a group of girls in the Hunter, our largest sail boat! They all had a blast!

Supper tonight, was eat out! This meant counselors packed up picnic baskets, filled with sandwiches and bug juice (camp slang for lemonade), and set off for different places around camp! From docks and picnic tables, to the lean-to and counsel ring, cabins were spread out all over! Afterwards, we headed back to our cabins and put on tied shoes and long pants, because tonights evening program was Capture the Flag! Everyone got really into it tonight, and now they're changing into their bathing suits for a quick dip before heading to bed!

Until tomorrow,

Gillian and Olivia