Coed - Day 5

We woke up to yet another sunny day here at Camp Asto Wamah. For breakfast, we had french toast and cereal as well as our favorite, hot chocolate, for a special sugary treat. Ready for the last full day of the session, we tidied our bunks and straightened out our clotheslines. Once the bell rang, we headed off to our last boating, swimming, and sports classes.

All the strokes and dives that the campers were working on this whole week prepared them for the final day of showing off their newly learned skills on the waterfront. With the water warmed up from this week’s heat wave, the campers were eager to jump into the water. The strength of each boating class was tested as the mild wind created subtle waves that the campers had to navigate. In arts and crafts and sports, campers finished up last projects and ran off all their extra energy. Our noontime meal consisted of ham, noodles, and cooked carrots followed by jello.

After rest hour, the campers headed down to the docks for one last swim in Columbia lake. Everyone was excited to get into the water and cool off from the hot busy day. With swim tests in the morning, many campers moved up in swimming levels and were now able to swim in Intermediate and Deep Water. For some, they were able to jump off the beloved tower for the first time.

For dinner, we filled our stomachs with chicken melts, apple sauce, and chips followed by chocolate cake for dessert. Yum! Then the campers headed up for our evening program King Dodge (a fun and competitive dodgeball game) where they got all sweaty before cooling off in our tradition of a “Quick Dip”- jumping into the lake before bed. The campers were extra lucky to end the night off with a campfire where we sang camp songs and ate s’mores. All around it was a great day and an even better session. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning!