Coed - Day 4

This morning, campers woke up to decorations all over camp to celebrate the Fourth of July! Staff had decorated the lodge with balloons and streamers to get everyone in the spirit. After a breakfast of blueberry bread and cereal, campers returned to their cabins with clean and help out with camp duties. This morning we brought back “Morning Thought”, something that the older staff remember doing! At Morning Thought, one or two counselors give a short talk on something that they want the campers to keep in mind throughout the rest of their day. This morning, two staff members reminded all of us about the importance of water conservation, and gave us some tips to help preserve water around Asto Wamah.

Once morning classes were finished, campers returned to the lodge for shepards pie and pears. After such a big meal and campers tired from their busy morning activities, all of camp happily retreated to their cabins for Rest Hour. However, once the bell rang signaling the end of our down time, campers rushed down to the waterfront to cool off in the lake for general swim.

Dinner tonight consisted of grilled cheeses and carrots, followed by a sugar cookie decorating extravaganza! Campers were given frosting and sprinkles and were able to decorate their cookie before enjoying it for dessert. Right now, campers are up at the A-Field playing carnival games and getting their faces painted to continue the Fourth of July celebrations. The campers don’t know this yet, but waiting for them at the lodge after the carnival are small ice cream sundaes and some time to all sing some camp songs together! It has been a fun and busy day and we cannot believe tomorrow is our last full day with these incredible kids.