Boys - Day 1

We had a beautifully sunny day to kick off the Boys session of 2019! As the campers rolled in throughout the afternoon, the counselors helped them get comfortable in their home for the next two weeks. The afternoon settled in as we gathered in the council ring to meet the staff and listen intently to the expectations for the session spelled out by Chris, the director. We then completed swim classifications as others played their first games of tetherball and knock hockey of the session. To close the afternoon, we all jumped into the glorious water of Columbia lake for a spectacular general swim with an impressive first buddy check.

Per Camp Asto Wamah tradition, our first dinner of the session was hot dogs, tater tots, pickles, and carrots. To top off this first meal were Sue’s delectable brownies for dessert.

Currently, campers are on the newly refurbished A-field to play a super fun and active dodgeball game of Medical War. We look forward to the night coming to a close as campers get snuggled in their bunks and ease into the cool night. We hope for a night full of rest to be ready for the early morning rise and getting this fantastic session truly started!

See you tomorrow!