The Final Track and Field Day of Summer!

Hello Blog Followers! - Today was a cloudy but beautiful day on Columbia Lake! Campers enjoyed cinnamon swirl coffee cake, oatmeal, cereal, orange slices, and hot chocolate/orange juice for breakfast. They then went back to their cabins cleaned and got ready for the last Track and Field day of the summer. That meant for most campers, donning their green and white regalia

Yesterday, campers voted for the green and white captains of their area (hilltop, lakeside, and seniors) and those captains choose their team members. Today, green and white teams battled it out in several track and field day events instead of having our normal daily class schedule. The mornings events included: running long jump, standing long jump, the softball throw, and fifty yard dash. The campers then went in for a general swim before a dinner of ham and noodles with green beans and bread. Dessert was peaches so most looked forward to getting thier sugar from store directly after the meal.

The campers had a normal rest hour following store and then they had the option of running the marathon ( less than .5 mile) through camp.  They then got ready for the Indian War Relay, which requires that all campers participate. The campers start at the camp road and then run a baton down to the waterfront where a select few swimmers swim it out to boaters. The boaters pass it off to canoers who pass it off to more runners who bring it from Hungerford to the water again. Our top senior swimmers swim 50yards to the finishline at main dock.  It was a very exciting race! It was very windy so some boaters had a hard time, which is how white took the final lead to win the relay!

The campers then had the option of participating in swim races and then everyone went in for a general swim!

After the swim, supper was hamburgers, chips, and pickles, with green and white cake for dessert. As i write the campers are up on the field doing more events to win points for their team. They are doing an obstacle course, a soccer ball challenge, and dizzy izzy ( a spinning and running game). Anyone who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd today in any of the track and field events will receive a ribbon at campfire, the last night of camp(Friday).

Well that is all for now followers! We are sure to sleep well tonight!

Goodnight! -The Birch Blogger