Mid-session Saturday!

Today began with a breakfast that is camp tradition- waffles with peanut butter and syrup. It was yummy!! After breakfast, we switched bunks, so anyone on a bottom bunk who wanted a top got to switch. This also gave everyone a chance to re-organize their belongings! It was cloudy, but the rain held off for morning classes. Sailors had a thrilling class in the gusty wind! Sports classes played "nuke-em" (a reverse dodgeball game on the basketball court), with teams modeled after the Hunger Games- the Capitol vs. District 12.

Dinner was meatballs, mashed potatoes, and gravy, with chocolate-caramel cake with whipped topping for dessert. It was delicious! During the meal, the winds picked up and a thunderstorm approached, so we all moved in off the lodge porch to stay dry. Each cabin played a game together while we waited for the storm to pass. We then had a normal Rest Hour and General Swim, as the weather became sunnier.  4th period followed as usual, then Activity Period. Some of the activities today were board games in the lodge, a game on the A-field, or learning how to make hair wraps!

Since today was the kitchen's night off, supper was an "eat out" picnic of hot dogs, chips, pickles, and lemonade, with cookies for dessert. Cabins ate on the docks or at picnic tables in different spots of camp.

As I write, campers are heading up to the A-field for one of their favorite games- Pirates!!

Talk to you tomorrow!

-the Birch Blogger