Day 8!

Campers woke up relieved to see sunshine!! While most of our towels(if not all) are damp from the showers yesterday, we added a few clothing lines in front of the flagpole to air dry and that did the job! Campers feasted on blueberry bread, cereal, and sweet cantaloupe melon. They then began their morning activities before their first three classes of the day. Campers in level 6 did their 500 yd swim today, while level three worked on their sidestroke and level 5 worked on their butterfly and surface diving.  All the boaters are working so hard and now that Friday (the last day of classes) is in sight,  campers are stepping up their games to pass into the next level. Dinner today was a wonderful meal of Shepherd's Pie (ground beef, corn and potato layered and backed in the oven) with salad and butterscotch pudding for dessert. Then we had our usual rest hour while the LT's worked on several different lifeguarding drills on the waterfront.

After fourth period several cool activities were offered for activity period: Water Quidditch (Unfortunately I don't know how to describe this but lots of fun was had), uno, clue, tower jumping, and paddle boarding.

Cabins 2, old 6, and 6 won cabin inspection today! Hooray! Tonight was Taco Night with Churros for dessert! Yum! After Supper we had the Indian War Relay that we had to skip due to the downpour yesterday afternoon. It was the closest relay race I have ever seen. Usually there is a leader after the baton gets passed from the row boaters to the canoers but not today. The baton started up at the very end of the camp road by Rt 87 thenwas passed to swimmers, they swim in between the rafts and pass it off to the row boats, who pass it off to the canoes, who pass the baton off to more runners, who pass it off to the two strongest senior swimmers for the last leg of the relay!!

White won the Indian War Relay and now the campers are beginning their night time routine!


-The Birch Blogger