Day 7!!!!!!! Track and Field Day

Today marked the half way point of the first girls session! Campers enjoyed cereal, cornbread, and orange slices for breakfast and then switched bunks. Any camper that wanted to try out a top or bottom bunk for the second week of camp were given the opportunity. The second Sunday of camp is always our traditional Camp Asto Wamah Track and Field Day. The campers are split into two teams: green and white  (the camp colors).  They then compete in several events throughout the day. This morning the weather allowed us to have our normal events of running long jump, standing long jump,  softball throw, and the 50 yard dash.  We then all went in for a general swim before a tasty meal of ham, noodles, corn, and peaches before dessert. Rain clouds made their way over to Columbia Lake so we couldn't do our traditional Indian War Relay but we did do the marathon as the downpour started. (The marathon is only .25 of a mile). To keep the competition going in the afternoon, campers did a round robin of various activities.

Supper was chicken melts, tomato soup, chips, and green and white cake for dessert! We also got to celebrate two birthdays at camp today: Kira and Abby!We sang to each of them over breakfast this morning!

Tonight we are playing my favorite evening program: Murder By Night!! It is a murder mystery game. The campers go around in groups and try to solve a fake murder! It is tons of fun!

Check back tomorrow for more Wamah updates. Normal schedule resumes tomorrow!

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